travel agents society of Kashmir (TASk)

JIWRAKHAN LAL USHARE RAIPUR CHHATTISGARH travel agents society of Kashmir (task) an Apex body to tour operators is the oldest tourism body of Kashmir since 1967 task always played a vital role in making policy decisions with all the successive governments in the past and in the present.the members of task have always helped and j S K tourism in promoting the erstwhile state of Jammu s Kashmir and in Kashmir particular and continues to do so Kashmir is alsoall known as the throne of incredible India by is gracefully marketing the Princeton decisions of valley our members have best product knowledge to their ability and enjoy the excellent with all the stake holders local inhabitants of Jammu and Kashmir northern most state is rightly called bliss on earth does sparkling rivers places lakes God gives gardens and stable beauty of nature in the Kashmir valley in general leave you completely speechless another report by the the national crime records bureau ncrb which says not a single crime was communit against tourist who visit Jammu and Kashmir ministry of home affairs (MHa )government of India and national crime records bureau (ncrb) reports have not only made is true while state of Jammu and Kashmir proud but whole country which has become a benchmark and a mile stone for other states to follow this will release all of us to fulfill the dream of all Taurus mistake folders to see light of new Kashmir and all of us leave with his struct trust that the political conflict in Kashmir does not have the spirit of more than 130 million people of our country to visit Kashmir who are duty bound to support and for the hand holding of Kashmir pollution.

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