Subheading Over 200 attendees in event from diverse society and social group .

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On the occasion of World Stroke Day, a global initiative to raise awareness about the prevalence of strokes and the urgent need for stroke prevention, Narayana Health took a proactive stance by organizing a “Know Your Brain” Swath Paricharcha. This enlightening event aimed to educate and engage individuals from diverse society and social groups backgrounds about the significance of brain health, ultimately striving to empower communities to protect themselves and their loved ones from this life-threatening condition.
Stroke is a leading cause of disability and mortality worldwide. It is essential for healthcare providers to provide knowledge and resources to help individuals reduce their risks and make informed choices regarding their health.
The “Know Your Brain” Swath Paricharcha, held on [Date], witnessed active participation from more than 200 individuals from various walks of life. It served as a unique platform for attendees to gain a deeper understanding of brain health, its intricate functioning, and the vital role that neurological care plays in the prevention and treatment of brain-related conditions.
Leading this enlightening initiative were two distinguished experts in the field of neurology: Dr. H.P Sinha, Senior Consultant, and Dr. Prashant Kumar consultant . These renowned neurologists are celebrated not only for their expertise but also for their commitment to promoting brain health within the community.
The event offered a range of activities, including informative presentations, interactive sessions. Participants had the unique opportunity to interact with these experts, ask questions, and draw from their knowledge and extensive experience. Dr. H.P Sinha and Dr. Prashant Kumar emphasized the importance of early detection and timely treatment in preventing strokes and effectively managing neurological disorders.
Narayana Health’s dedication to community well-being and healthcare education was evident throughout the “Know Your Brain” Swath Paricharcha. The event saw enthusiastic participation from members of various societies and social groups, including Mr. Lalit Mishra (President)Serva Bramhin Samaj Raipur Cg ,Mr. Ashok Agrawal (Chairman)Chhattisgarh Prantiya Agrawal Sangathan , Mr. Arun Shukla(President) KANYA KUBJ SHIKSHA MANDAL BRAHMIN SAMAJ ,Mr.S.N.Rathore (President) RATHORE VIKAS FOUNDATION , Mr. Kanhaiya Rathore(President) Kannojiya Rathore Samaj ,Mr. Narayan Agrawal Marwadi Youva Munch Central ,Mr.Masish Sahu Teli Society, Mr. Ram Nath Sahu (President) Teli Engineers Welfare Association Chhattisgarh, Mr. Sanat Sahu (Maha Mantri) Chhattisgarh Pradesh Sahu Sangh ,Sunil Dogar (President) CPSS, Mittali Gupta CPSS, Vijay Bhhattacharya Bangali Samaj, Raju Waswani Sindhi Samaj, Subhash Bajaj (Founder) Sindhi Samaj, Bharat Bhai Gujarati/Patidar Samaj, Shankar Das Sri Sri Bengali Samaj, Jasbir Singh Bhatia Chhattisgarh Sikh Samaj, Harpal Bhamra Chhattisgarh Sikh Samaj, Vinod Pilai Raipur Kerala Samajam, Bharat Verma Chhattisgarh Kurmi Samaj, Bhakat Bhusan Chandrwansi (President) Chhattisgarh Kurmi Samaj, Sanad Sahu (Bunty) Sahu Samaj, Narayan Rathi Maheshwari Samaj, Muffdal Bhai Bohra Samaj, Manish Jain Jain Samaj, Charanjeet Singh Ramgarhiya Samaj, Happy Singh Ramgarhiya Samaj, Vishakha Topkhanewale Maharashtra Mandal, Sandeep Jee Himalaya Height, Veena Somani Rotary Club, Shikha Golcha JCI Vamma ,Union Club, Rotary Club ,Periso Club
It is part of a broader effort to ensure that everyone, regardless of their social or economic background, has access to essential information and resources for a healthier, stroke-free life.